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Peak Performance Resources, Inc.
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Organizational Business Planning

For many companies, strategic planning gets stalled once the annual budget process has been completed.  Yet, every successful budget requires careful planning of goals, tactics, milestones and accountabilities that are essential to assure goals are reached.  PPR helps define the vision for the future of your company or division and set strategies to achieve your goals.

Peak Performance Resources uses a simple, yet comprehensive process that will guide your team through proven steps to create a path to success.  This interactive process is customized to your organization’s size and need and designed to assist senior management in their strategic planning process.  Your management team will learn how to create strategy maps that focus on answering the following questions:

  • Financial Perspective – How will we grow shareholder value?
  • Customer Perspective – What is our customer Value Proposition?
  • Internal Perspective – What are our operations, customer, innovation and regulatory management processes and how do they drive the customer value proposition?
  • Learning and Growth Perspective – How should your human, information and organizational capital be invested in your management processes?

As the strategy develops, we will help your team create a teachable point of view through effective communication plans, scorecards and accountabilities to create a clear path that guides all levels of your for the organization to reach your strategic goals.

Available Consulting Services

New Mortgage Channel Development – Retail, Wholesale and Correspondent

Development  of  strategic plans and tactics  to support budget goals

Re-alignment of Corporate strategy to meet current market demands and opportunities

Strategic Business Planning  at the Corporate or Business Unit level 

Development of management goals, accountabilities and compensation aligned to strategic goals

Sales and Marketing Plans