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Policies & Procedures

Standardized procedures with attention to efficient operations can reduce cost and improve profit margins. Lending operations are closely regulated and auditors look for documented policy and procedures and compliance with them.

Are your current lending policies and procedures adequately documented, are the policy and procedures being adhered to consistently and are they easily available to all staff members? Consistency in following established policy and documented procedures is critical in ensuring the production of prudent, efficient, high quality, saleable loan originations. Let PPR review your practices and procedures to identify any areas of improvement and recommend changes that will assist you in retaining the loan quality and procedural soundness throughout the lending process, from origination through loan delivery and post closing.

PPR can also assist you in expanding your lending organization through standardizing procedures for use in training new staff.  Save your resources and let the professionals at Peak Performance use their experience in operational analysis and creation of customized documentation suitable for online access to move you into a position to originate more efficiently.

PPR is available to develop training programs for your managers or staff on policy and procedures.

  • Customized to fit your operations
  • Conference call format or onsite presentations available
  • Periodic follow-up training on topics you select.

Available Consulting Services
Review of Existing Lending Policy and Procedures
-Analysis of Current Procedures
-Review of Existing Policy Documents
-Formulation of Policies and Procedures
Standardization of Documentation
-Creation/Revision of Lending Policy Documentation
-Development of Customized, Easy-to-follow procedures
Audit of Operations for Policy and Procedures
-Departmental Overviews
-Job Function Specific
-Development and Delivery of Customized Training for Procedures