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Operational Review

An important characteristic of an effective mortgage operations team is its ability to adhere faithfully to the established process.  Achieving a successful process requires discipline to document the process accurately through strong policy, procedures and training. There must be effective measurements which quantify how well employees have adopted the process, monitor the quality of work resulting from the process execution and validate that the process actually delivers the expected results.  Companies are challenged by piecemeal process change that must take place to keep pace with volume growth, as well as regulatory, product and underwriting changes without the luxury of re-examining the end-to-end process each time.

We work individually and in small groups to examine current processes so that your organization can understand how current processes really work, how much process variation exists from person to person, and where process gaps and bottlenecks occur.  Through the following analysis, PPR works with your team to redefine and develop processes that are well documented and monitored to assure the processes are effective and predictable:

  • Reviewing your organizational goals and objectives to assure we are building processes that are scalable.
  • Evaluating systems involved in the mortgage process to determine whether your processes capture the full benefits of your technology.
  • Examining processes used across all lines of business with a critical eye towards process controls that will assure you are addressing unique risk management issues.
  • Sharing industry best practice opportunities that may be new to your organization. 

Our group of trained professionals has expertise in every area critical to the performance of your organization.  We can provide you with a consultant specializing in a particular area of experience or work as a team to review all aspects of your business. We will review the organization as an open system and collaborate on our findings to offer you the best advice.

Available Consulting Services

End-to-end Operational Review

Secondary Marketing Analysis

Sales and Sales Performance

Performance Management

Technology Usage Review

Risk Management