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Peak Performance Resources, Inc.
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New Business Development

How many opportunities has your company passed up because you did not have the organizational capacity to make it happen? Acquiring or building new channels of business requires mortgage companies to be nimble and respond to short windows of opportunity. 

PPR allows you to pursue opportunities that come your way without overwhelming your existing management team.

Today’s successful mortgage companies run lean and expect much of their management team.  When opportunities come along to significantly grow your business, the burden of inventing, developing, implementing and monitoring new processes often derails the required focus on the existing business.

The PPR team has extensive experience building Retail, Wholesale and Correspondent business channels from the ground up.

  • PPR understands the subtle differences that exist between mortgage channels as they relates to risk, process and service  levels, all of which are important for success.
  • We take a strategic approach to business build-out or integration by focusing on scalability and the longer term direction of your business.
  • We understand how to make multiple businesses operate utilizing a standard operating platform, while not losing sight of the right processes and controls.
  • We build businesses in partnership with existing management so they can remain focused on their current responsibilities while championing the integration or build-out of the new opportunity. 

Available Consulting Services
New Mortgage Channel Development
Merger or Acquisition Integration
Business Planning for Expansion of Existing Businesses Platform
Business Planning 1-5 years
Sales and Marketing Plans