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Peak Performance Resources, Inc.
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Agency Approvals

Peak Performance Resources, Inc. consultants work with lenders to establish or expand relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and GNMA.  We offer a full range of consulting services to assist you with building the relationships. 

A lender must consider many issues when making the transition to selling loans to one of the GSEs.  PPR has provided assistance, based on years of experience selling loans to the GSEs, with contract negotiations, automating delivery processes, evaluating data integrity issues and proposing work flow efficiencies.

PPR offers the following range of consulting services to assist lenders in making the transition:

  • Operational Reviews:  Evaluating current operations and making recommendations for selling loans to the agencies. 
  • Transition to Selling loans to GSE:  Providing assistance with contract negotiations, automating delivery processes, evaluating data integrity, proposing work flow efficiencies.
  • Policies and Procedures: Assisting lenders with evaluation of existing policies and procedures or development of new ones to meet agency requirements.
  • Risk Management Function:  Working with lenders to establish a risk management policy, determine whether risk management function will be performed in-house or outsourced, and establish risk management reports covering all facets of the risk management function.
  • Servicing Contract Negotiations:  If the decision is made to outsource the servicing, PPR can assist the lender and legal council with vendor selection and contract negotiation.
  • Technology Integration:  Assisting lenders to maximize their technology solutions to improve efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Servicing Valuation:  Working with lenders to help establish the valuation of servicing assets from a rate sheet and balance sheet perspective.

Available Consulting Services

Operational Reviews

Contract Negotiations

Policies and Procedures

Establishing a Risk Management Function

Servicing Contract Negotiations

Technology Integration

Servicing Valuation